Communicating Astronomy For A Better World: Environment, Culture And Peace

Astronomy is the study of space and every phenomenon that occurs outside the atmosphere of Earth. Astronomy, along with Astrology, is the oldest form of science as it can be dated back to antiquity, right from the first time man looked up at the sky and wondered what those shiny, twinkling, little dots of light are. Astronomy has always been a main.

The term 'Vaastu' is derived from Sanskrit word 'vasu' that means 'earth', while the word 'shastra' means 'science'. Vaastu Shastra is an ancient doctrine which consists of precepts born out of a traditional view on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings; often referred to as - science of construction / architecture. The underlying root is vas (Vessel) 'to dwell, live, stay and abide'. Vaastu Shastra is practiced since the Vedic period and was widely used to build a property which would be auspicious and bring prosperity, happiness and health to the residents.

Quantifying Jungian Dream Symbolism

After completing the course and passing the tests will itself prove that you have good knowledge of the subject. You can start applying your knowledge to people. The more consultation you do of people, the more experience you gain.

Vedic Astrology

The difference between these two zodiacs (known as the Ayanamsa value) is presently about 24 degrees growing to 30 degrees. Both systems are correct. However, between the two systems, depending on which astrological calculations are used, planetary positions may differ in terms of which houses and signs they are in. For most people living today

How Planets Influence Human Growth And Development

Several upcoming missions that are expected to further increase the population of known exoplanets. Beyond the strictly scientific questions that this has led to regarding planet formation