Personalized Horoscope

Personalized Horoscope, It gives overall life predictions, current year predictions, mangal dosha analysis, sade sati analysis, Vimshottari Dasha Predictions, Transit Predictions

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Life Analysis Report

How the life will move on decides based on report of life analysis report

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Basic Horoscope

If you will your name date of birth time of birth and place of birth will get back to u with basic horoscope.

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Janam Kundali

Janam Kundali is an astrological chart prepared on the basis your birth date and time. This chart determines the positioning of different signs. The chart provides an insight into a invividuals personality.

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Palm Reading Astrology

Palm reading also known as palmistry, As soon as you can be able to differentiate between the lines, you are good to go

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Marriage Match Making

Vedic Astrology to check the compatibility of two individuals in order to have t do and successful marriage. Matching of bride and groom to be helps them understand their prospective marriage

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Welcome To Om Sri Durga Jyothisham

He is Dr.Santhosh Raj with 25 years of experience and he is a doctorate holder in astrology. He has been honoured with many awards like Jyothishya Bramha, Jyothishya Marthanda,Vasthu Pandit,Vasthu Vigana and is also a national award holder. He has his own practice office in Hyderabad and been helping his clients his astrology will be accurate and detailed horoscope of the people.

I believe in spirits, angels, and guidance from the outside universe. In my eyes, all people have the power to improve their lives, all they need to do is harness the proper energy.

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The term 'Vaastu' is derived from Sanskrit word 'vasu' that means 'earth', while the word 'shastra' means 'science'. Vaastu Shastra is an ancient doctrine which consists of precepts born out of a traditional view on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings; often referred to as - science of construction / architecture. The underlying root is vas (Vessel) 'to dwell, live, stay and abide'. Vaastu Shastra is practiced since the Vedic period and was widely used to build a property which would be auspicious and bring prosperity, happiness and health to the residents.

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I believe that everyone has the potential to improve their life, yet they do not have access to the information they need in order to do so. My ability to tap into the energy systems of my clients, and touch on important details from past, present and future events enables me to provide my clients with useful information in order to make impactful life changes. Explore my site below, and see how I can help you improve your own life today.


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